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The top 17 truck companies accept new drivers without experience

Most of the US trucking  companies  require experience in driving commercial vehicles for a period of not less than six months, and there are other companies that require driving experience of up to five years. This is what disturbs people who have a recent commercial license. They struggle to find work as a driver of a big truck in America.

On the other hand, there are companies that do not require any experience in driving large trucks, and they are often gigantic companies. This is due to the availability of these large companies on their own insurance, meaning that they do not need to buy insurance from accident insurance companies. While smaller companies buy insurance from insurance companies, which require that the driver have experience of at least six months.

The following list includes the most important major companies in the United States of America that accept new drivers without experience. But you will train and educate them well and will pay them during the training period. You can also receive compensation for the money you paid to the school where you obtained your driver's license.

  1. CR England
  2. werner
  3. Schneider
  4. Prime Inc
  5. Millis Transfer Inc
  6. CRST
  7. US Xpress
  8. Pam Transport
  9. Swift Transportation
  10. Covenant
  11. Roehl Transport
  12. KLLM
  13. Knight
  14. TransAm
  15. West Transportation
  16. Stevens Transport
  17. Maverick