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How to do offset backing for truck trailer?

Truck trailer Offset maneuver is to move your truck from one parking spot  to next one on the right or the left. to done this perfectly you need to follow those few steps 

Offset left to right 

Your truck in the left parking spot and you want to move your truck to next one in the right

  1. Pull forward and stop at boundary cones. 
  2. Steer hard left 
  3. Back up
  4. Stop when the right front corner of the trailer is above the right truck frame rail. if you are backing a sleeper you need to look for 3/4 of landing gear in convex mirror. Some CDL schools put a mark in the trailer where the student should stop.
  5. Turn the steering wheel HARD RIGHT.
  6. Back up until the trailer is directly behind the truck. 
  7. STOP
  8. Steer back to center. 
  9. backing with small turns to the right to force your trailer to the left. then return the steering wheel to center.  Now You are able to use straight line backing method 
  10. STOP when the front bumper pass 1st cone

Offset right to left

This maneuver is opposite of preview one and it's slightly more difficult than the other one because you cannot see the reference cone from the mirrors next to the driver. And to do it, we follow almost the same previous steps, but in opposite way. it's recommended to pull up a little to the left until you can see your reference cone from left mirror

Watch this video: How to do offset for truck trailer?